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Amazon Web Services (AWS CodeDeploy): Auto Assignment of Elastic IP to green/blue deployment fleet replacement instances.

With a blue/green deployment, you provision a new set of instances on which CodeDeploy installs the latest version of your application. CodeDeploy then reroutes load balancer traffic from an existing set of instances running the previous version of your application to the new set of instances running the latest version. After traffic is rerouted to the new instances, the existing instances can be terminated. Blue/green deployments allow you to test the new application version before sending production traffic to it. If there is an issue with the newly deployed application version, you can roll back to the previous version faster than with in-place deployments. Additionally, the instances provisioned for the blue/green deployment will reflect the most up-to-date server configurations since they are new. Problem with Blue/Green deployment is that once the fleet is replaces, if you had any EIP attached to the older instances, you have to manually reattch them to the new fleet. Her

Voice based virtual assistance for CloudOps

Why developed autobotAI.... Just say and it should be done.    Today majority of cloud management teams go through multiple cost, performance and alert reports with 85% - 95% green charts. Today cloud service provider provides cost and performance management service but utilizing  the same is a challenge because of static intelligence and lots of metrics correlation. technical team starts ignoring such reports after a period of time or stops focusing on daily bases. A true helpful tool should understand your development, staging or production environment and help you fix the real issues while you are having a cup of coffee. Today multiple tools and platform has made SysOps and DevOps team busy in mundane tasks which prevents them to innovate in new areas.  autobotAI is an artificial intelligence that helps you reduce your cloud cost, enhance cloud security. Just ask and It will do it.     Now managing aws cost, security complia